Sex and human sexuality are a fundamental part of being human, so it's natural to wonder about sex in all of its different forms. Sexual disorders are like people, they come in every shape and sizes. A sexual issue doesn't mean something is "wrong" with you.

It just implies that you're experiencing the kind of issue that can suddenly affect anybody, at any time in their lives, for any reason or no reason at all. While numerous sexual issues can be traced back to a physical issue or a sudden change in one's life, so many sexual disorders causes are not well-known or understood.

Fortunately, now sexual problems like erectile dysfunction (ED) or other problems are no big deal. There are a wide variety of treatments from medications to a specific form of psychotherapy that can help everyone with a sexual disorder.

Oorja Clinic which is one of the best sex clinics in Delhi, here you’ll get the quality treatment and services. Oorja clinic’s team of Best Sexologists provides you with counseling and friendly treatment. Sexual dysfunction happens when you have an issue that keeps you from wanting or enjoying a sexual activity.

It can happen anytime. Men and women of any age can experience sexual dysfunction, although the chances increase as you age. Stress is a common reason for sexual dysfunction.

Symptoms of Sexual Disorders

  1. Erectile Disorder (ED)
  2. Premature (Early) Ejaculation
  3. Dyspareunia
  4. Exhibitionistic Disorder
  5. Female and Male Orgasmic Disorders
  6. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder
  7. Sex Addiction
  8. Sexual Masochism and Sadism
  9. Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder

Effective Treatments of Sexual Disorders

Treatment for many sexual problems often combines medications or devices with counseling (sex therapy) and/or self-help measures. The three most common male sexual dysfunctions are decreased libido, erectile dysfunction (ED), and ejaculatory dysfunction (including premature ejaculation [PE] in men ages 18 to 59 years).
One or more conditions can co-exist in an individual. The inability to achieve or maintain an erection sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse is a distressing and common symptom, affecting up to one-third of adult men.
For other sexual disorders and concerns, psychotherapy is usually the best option. You should look for a therapist who specializes or is well-experienced in sex therapy, so to get the supreme treatment, find Sexologist who will be focused on helping a person or couple with their sexual issues.

Chair Pose

Chair pose engages your pelvic region by forcing you to lift your pelvic floor as you lower your tailbone. It's the same muscles that are used in Kegel exercises and it leads to more intense control of sexual organs.

How to do it?

Start with your feet together, toes touching. Sit your hips back and reach your arms alongside your years, like you are about to sit in a chair. Lengthen your tailbone down to keep from crunching in the low back, lifting the pelvic floor to elongate the spine.

Squat Pose

This deep squatting pose keeps pelvic joints healthy by forcing you to work your inner thigh muscles, pull up the pelvic floor, and engage your abdominals. It's also thought to stimulate your sex glands and spleen.

How to do it?

From a standing position, place your feet hips-width distance apart with the toes turned out. Bring palms together in front of your heart, and slowly lower down toward the mat to come to hover just above the floor. Place your biceps just behind your knees to spread them wider and to help lengthen your spine, reaching your chest up to the sky.

Cobra Pose

Cobra pose stretches out your sex organs and increases blood circulation to the reproductive organs.

How to do it?

Lie on your stomach, feet together and pointed to the back of the room. Place your hands alongside your ribs for stability, press your pelvis into the mat, and use your back muscles to lift your chest off the mat. Gaze just six inches in front of you to keep from crunching your cervical spine in your neck. Try lifting your hands off of the mat to lift higher. Lower slowly.

Seated Wide-Legged Straddle

This wide-legged forward fold increases libido by releasing tension in the groin muscles and heightening energy levels by signaling blood flow to the pelvic region.

How to do it?

Extend each leg to a 45-degree angle from your hip joint and flex your feet. Take a deep breath in, lengthening the torso. On the exhale, fold forward, reaching for your toes. Keep the spine lengthened as if someone is pulling the crown of your head forward. Breath deeply into the crease created at your pelvis.

Breathing Techniques

Fast breathing shuts down the cortex of the brain, which controls higher thinking, and allows your primitive brain and limbic system, responsible for sexual responses, to activate and release sex hormones.

How to do it?

Take a deep breath in, and exhale through the nose in short, sharp breaths, pumping the diaphragm as you count to 50. Take a deep breath in and out. Repeat. You can do this in a seated position, such as lotus, where you are seated with your legs crossed, or while holding other positions.