Does the thought of becoming a parent and your inability to do so hamper your everyday life?


Children are the light of everyone’s life. When you are unable to reproduce, it not just means the physical inability of a couple to conceive, but also mental pressure of failure. Everyone hopes to someday have his/her own children and live a fulfilled life. A married man never wants to get a tag of being childless and live a lonely life.


I was so busygiving shape to my career that my family took a backseat. I got married really late in my age and there were already talks about how difficult it would be for me to conceive. It actually turned out to be so. Every month we would hope that i would not have my periods and test positive for pregnancy but it didn't happen even after waiting for a couple of years. I lost interest in everything in my life, my husband, and started feeling very depressed. I had heard about Oorja Clinic from one of my friends and how they were able to bring a happy change in their lives. I met the Doctor at Oorja Clinic and with their medication and advice i was not only able to conceive, my interest in sexual life was restored. My life is happy as can be with two beautiful kids and a doting husband.



When you come to Oorja Clinic, we perform a special examination on both the partners to understand the issues. After the analysis, we can help you be that complete family you desire to be. Many physical reasons such as sperm count, inability to maintain erection, and so on can cause this problem. Stop spending time thinking about a solution, rather meet us to find that solution. With years of experience under our name, we have helped many such childless couples have children.



  1. Low sperm count – In men, generally, the sperm count is the major reason for being unable to have a child.
  2. Pain or lump in testicles – If you are experiencing pain in testicles, chances of you conceiving might be affected.
  3. Changes in hair growth – Hair growth stunts due to hormonal imbalance, which is very much linked to childlessness.
  4. Problems with erections – Inability to maintain erections can also aggravate this condition.