Nocturnal Emission

Night discharge or nocturnal emission is caused when semen is ejaculated without stimulation. Imagine you are having a good night’s sleep, and dreaming. You dream of a beautiful woman and indulge in sexual activities in your dream. What happens next is you are awake on your bed – and wet with ejaculation! If these kind of situations happen with you constantly, you need our assistance. Why suffer with night discharges and discomfort, when you can cure yourself of these ailments.


Constant wet dreams and night discharges were creating havoc in my life. I had to avoid every camping trip and night out with friends to avoid embarrassment. Thanks to Oorja clinic, I am free of this horrible problem and now, enjoying my life to the fullest

- Prithpal 23 years, Sonepat


Night discharge can be caused due to many reasons, such as watching excessive pornographic material, masturbating very often, having sexual thoughts throughout the day, and so on. If this condition persists, it can run havoc in your life.


Night discharge generally happens to teenagers and men in their early years of adulthood, but this can occur any time after puberty. Night discharges can manifest itself into other ailments like frequent urination, burning sensation when urinating, and infections in urogenital tract.



  1. Laziness – Because your body has lost energy even during the night, laziness during the day is very imminent.
  2. Early ejaculation – You might experience premature ejaculation due to loss of control on semen discharge.
  3. Low excitement – Night discharge is a serious issue, which can ruin your excitement when having intercourse. 
  4. Loss of confidence – The thought of having no control over ejaculation can seriously hamper your self-confidence.