Premature Ejaculation

If you are unable to control ejaculation and generally ejaculate within one minute of sexual interaction, you are suffering from premature ejaculation. When a newlywed couple dreams about their first night together, the last thing on their mind is to end the intercourse within a minute. You are crushing your partner’s expectations when you fail to satisfy her sexually and for a longer time.  Visit Oorja Clinic if you are experiencing problems like these.


I had known that i ejaculate early. But due to the embarrassment i would have to face if i discussed it with anyone i did never consult anyone for this. I got engaged last year and was to be married in some 5 months. Thats when i knew i cud not delay seeking medical help. I went to Oorja Clinic. After only a few weeks and through the advice and the medication combined with slight lifestyle changes i felt the change in me. Or Clinic saved me from a major embarrassment on my wedding night.

- CHETAN, 28 years NEW DELHI


Apart from disappointing your partner, you are also hurting your confidence in yourself. Wondering for hours about how to resolve this issue will lead you nowhere. If this problem persists, over the time, you might be embarrassed or hesitant to pursue sex with your partner, and where does that lead to – either extra marital affairs or separation. There are many reasons why one would suffer from premature ejaculation, but some common reasons are erectile dysfunction, anxiety or over expectation to perform well during sex, or relationship problems.



  1. Abnormal hormone levels – Imbalance in hormones can cause premature ejaculation.
  2. Inheritance – It has been revealed in a study that 90 percent of men suffering from premature ejaculation have inherited it from a relative with this issue.
  3. Inability to delay ejaculation – During sexual intercourse, you are unable to delay ejaculation for better enjoyment.
  4. Negative temperaments – Stress, frustration, and failure to believe in oneself also triggers premature ejaculation.